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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Students are encouraged to wear whatever feels comfortable. Although, wearing a pair of shorts or trousers that can be rolled above the knee or thigh would make the exercise a lot easier. Students that are not wearing shorts will not be able to grip the pole firmly with their thighs and legs as skin contact makes poling easier especially for those that need to develop their upper body strength. If you have any worries or concerns do not be afraid to contact the School as guaranteed you are probably not the only one to share the same concern.

Clothes can be purchased from the School please ask or view website

What if I don’t have the right body type?

No matter what body type or fitness ability students will still be able to enjoy this activity. All poles, bars and hoops have been fully tested so weight & height should not be an issue.

Does pole fitness hurt?

Pole fitness can be a little uncomfortable. The School refers to this as the ‘pole pinch’, the pinch feeling will lessen (or stop altogether) and its generally worse when you are trying a move for the first time but don’t let that put you off. Even the top professionals will still feel pinches & notice the odd bruise as its a natural body reaction. These feelings usual go after 3 days or so, things like arnica can help lessen the visibility of the bruise. For aches, lots of stretching, foam rolling and baths/saunas.

A BIG advantage to coming to Swingdon School of Pole is the fact that we have lots of different sizes of poles 38mm, 40mm, 42mm, 43.4mm, 45mm and 50+mm. Generally thigh grips are easier on a larger diameter pole and hand grips easier on a smaller diameter pole. The School also has different metals and materials such as stainless steel, chrome, powder coated, brass, silicone and wooden bars. If you have allergy or preferred metal we cater for ALL.

Can males join in too?

Of course!!!!

Can children join in too?

Of course!!!! Children under 12yrs old need to be accompanied by an adult and must book on as a private lesson (max child per private 3)

Do I need to be able to dance?

No! Depending on what class or workshop you have booked onto will specify what style, if it does not specify then these classes will fitness/sport style class. Exotic and heel classes will always be specified. The School is designed to make everyone feel welcomed and comfortable.

What are the age limits?

Under 12yrs must be accompanied by an adult and must book on as a private lesson. Children 12 and above can come along to adult classes.

Do we sell poles?

If you need a pole or any aerial equipment or accessory the School receives 10% discount from x-pole.com as long as it purchased through us.

Justina Justin, Manager
Justina Justin, Administrator