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Terms and Conditions

By attending Swingdon School of Pole you are agreeing to the terms and conditions:

Arrival at the School

Please do not arrive no more than 15 mins before the lesson to ensure you respect others privacy otherwise students will be asked to wait outside of the School. On some occasions students maybe asked to wait outside the School (indoors) for exams, competition videos etc. Please note that if there is another class before your session please be understandable and patient, the instructor will do there best to listen and answer any questions before second lesson begins.

Booking a Lesson

Once you have booked your lesson you have a 4 hours notice period to cancel your booking. Anything after will result in losing monies, no refund. Block lessons must be used within 3 months from the date of purchase unless, stated in writing by Justina Justin stating otherwise. Block lessons are non transferable. If a class is cancelled by the School then no monies will be lost this includes group or private classes, the School will rearrange.

Membership Payments

Membership classes will be stated as not all classes will be included. Membership is non-transferable and will only cover a 30 day period regardless to how often you attend the School. Payment information will be securely kept on our booking system and will remain until membership is cancelled. 30 days notice must be given to cancel otherwise membership will automatically continue each month.

Student NUS Card

Students classes, membership and private lessons will be discounted providing they provide a valid up to date NUS card. This proof of NUS will be checked every 3 months, if the student cannot provide their NUS card they will be charged full fee until it can be provided. The School is preferred to refund part of the full fee if the card is produced within 7 days of the failure to produce.


If you are a qualified instructor you must book on as a private lesson as its unfair to the students and the instructor if they attend our normal classes for students.

Studio hire

Studio hire is available and is usually charged at £15 per hour depending on the activity. Please contact Justina Justin, terms and conditions will be provided.


Students have 3 months to complete their course from the date of purchase. The School will do its best to accommodate one to ones and if they cannot provide at least one weekday or weekend then student must contact the School immediately as the School might agree to extend the completion time. This will be determined on individual cases and the School MUST have not been able to provide at least one weekday or weekend.

Parties, birthdays, hen dos and stag do's

These can be organised by contacting the School. The fee is charged at £10 per person and customers will have the option of choosing a particular style sport includes learning basic pole fitness, silly/fun meaning not serious pole fitness but mostly lesson will be based on taking photos and mini fun pole routines or exotic heels or socks including lap and twerk dancing.

Health and Safety

Please do not attempt any moves by other students or moves that have been seen but have not been taught by the School. This could result in being asked to leave without a refund.

Please remove shoes on entry, shoes should not be worn on mats or heels on foam floor or mats. Failure could result in being asked to leave without refund and can be charged for the damage to the flooring. Do not wear heels without permission of the School.

Please remove all jewellery including piercings, if piercings are kept in this will be at your own risk. Try to keep valuables at home as the School hold no liability for the loss or damage to any items on the Schools premises.

No chewing gum or fizzy drinks are allowed in the School and water bottle should be binned.

Please do not wear ANY moisturisers before attending class (unless the School has agreed such as body sorbet etc)

Please do not use stickum and ask for permission before any other pole grip is applied to pole other than ‘dry hands’.

Please keep the School clean, do not touch or lean on mirrors, any damage caused by negligent or reckless behaviour will be charged in full to the student.

Do not put poles on to spin or change the aerial hoops or move foam flooring without permission from the School.

Please wear appropriate clothing i.e. leggings for aerial hoop if unsure please contact the School before booking session.

Please do not use pole cloth to wipe your body and bring a towel from home.

Do not eat hot food in School unless this is allowed for an event.

Please notify the School if they notice toilet roll running low, first aid aid running low or bottled water running low. The School will do their best to replace it as soon as possible.

Please do not bring alcohol or other illegal substances onto the premises of the School.

Please do not remove any signs or notices around the School.

If you experience any dizziness or feel unwell or are injured please stop exercise immediately. Please inform the School’s present instructor, we do have two instructors who are fully first aid trained names listed under instructors. If first aid is carried out by a non qualified instructor then you must sign & agree to care prior. All incidents are recorded within the School at the first aid point. If in any doubt please seek medical advice immediately this is entirely the students responsibility the School is not be liable for any damage, accidents, negligence or recklessness whether the instructor is qualified or not qualified for first aid. Student responsibility includes pregnancies and up to 3 months after pregnancy, students must disclose if they are or have been pregnant within the past 3 months. It will be up to the School, instructor and medical advice to whether its safe to continue any exercise taught at the School.

Just be safe as all we want is our students to enjoy and learn.

Dance, fitness, pole and aerial classes are challenging physical activities. Minor bumps and bruises are common. All students must work within their own capabilities and listen to instruction at all times. If you experience any discomfort during class please listen to your body and rest. Any injury must be disclosed to the instructor.

The instructor will from time to time need to touch you for spotting, posture, alignment and correction.

Please ensure you are on time for class and stay until the end as a warm up and cool down is essential to avoid muscle strain and stiffness.

If you would like to see a detailed risk assessment, or copies of your instructor’s First Aid qualifications, or insurance, please ask.

By accepting the terms and conditions: You agree to take full responsibility for your actions during all parts of my training. You understand that you may receive some bruising, muscle soreness and chafing. You understand that broken bones are possible. By taking part in a class you understand that you may receive injuries which could result in death. You understand that it is your responsibility to take account of any physical or mental impairments you have before you begin any class. You will cease participation and contact the instructor or School if you feel unwell and you will work at your own level throughout the class.

Where possible we will accommodate any individual, though adjustments may need to be made or medical advice sought. We therefore reserve the right to defer any student to seek medical guidance before participating in a class.


Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated full stop, if anything does occur students will be asked to leave immediately without a refund and membership may be revoked. This includes at the Schools premises or on any social media sites.

Health and Safety for Children

Swingdon School of Pole acknowledges the duty of care to safeguard children and promote the welfare of children. All of the above health and safety advice applies to children too.

Children under the age 14 but no younger than 3yrs must book as a private lesson with an adult to accompany. The fee includes a maximum of 3 children additional children can be included at £5 per extra child.

Anyone of the age of 14 years old can attend any class without supervision and the fee will be reduced to £5 per adult attending pole & hoop classes only. This does not include workshops, courses or PT.

● Do not photograph anyone without their permission.
● By participating in class photography/videography you hereby release all rights to Swingdon School of Pole for promotional purposes, unless otherwise explicitly stated by you in writing or witnessed signed.
● Please tag the studio or your instructor in your photographs on instagram #Swingdon_school or @swingdonschoolofpole or Justina Justin